bored now….am spending my days at work doing suspense (which means cancelling applications) how boring i know…so i am losing my mind and hate doing it…

anyway my little bro has to have the plates put into his leg now as the bone is not healing as thought…so on wednesday i will be going to the hospital to sit with mum and make her feel better – my brother also wanted me to come in – he said i helped him keep calm!!! so that is kind of cool….he was asking all these questions about going under general and since i have had a few ops i was telling him my experiences and it seemed to make him feel better knowing i have had so many and am still alive….i am not worried about him going under but i feel sorry for him because it will suck having to have plates in his leg – they say the recovery time is much quicker though a the leg is in the right position to mend and it has help – rather than leaving it au natural as it is now….

the bois uncle is also doing well we went and saw him and he was ok…they are giving him an angiogram today and we will find out what happens to him after that – wthere theyneed to put stents in or do a bypass….anyway that is rather stressful and the boi is freaking out and so is his mum…so i don’t know when we are going to find out but sometime today if we are lucky…..

the bo’s mum also finally got her computer on the weekend!! which is pretty cool, so they are going in on tueday to set up interent etc – at least i think that is what she said….so we will be able to email her soon which will be great coz then she will feel as if she has another link to the boi and me – we can also send her piccies and stuff as well…which i am sure she will love!!! hehehe..i don’t know anything about the pc all she said was windows 2000 so when we go up there next we will have a squizz….sucks about the bois job coz we can’t gewt away as often as we would like..but we shall cope as we always do…

that is enough from me i should do some work before my boredom really sets in!! ROFLMAO


3 thoughts on “suspense

  1. mrapophis says:

    Howdy, I think you lost something in translation with regard to the computer. It’s arriving in 3 weeks, I believe, but it was aproved the other day, and I think that’s what she was saying.
    Hope Sketch’s uncle is alright.
    Have to catch up with you both again sometime. Haven’t even seen you guys on the net lately… God life is busy, ‘ey.

    • dragonray says:

      well ok…she was asaying she had it and they were coming again ontuesday to set it up or mind…i am sure it will all happenw hen it happens
      yeah life sucks with the busy at the moment..hehe too many bills and things to do and get done……
      well i am thinking about having a housewarming/bday party either the weekend of the 1st or the 8th – not sure which yet…but i will let you know so you can come down for it….i will be organising this week hopefully so i will let you know asap….

  2. rantingjules says:

    Tell your man that angioplasties aren’t bad at all. My dad had one a few years back, and he’s just fine. They basically just run a tube up the main artery in your leg and have a little look around. Totally easy and the recovery time from it is really quick.

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