i feel terrible today – poor drew had a really good pay packet and i blew it all on the bills…hehehe..i mean i had to though – we were getting reminders for everything and i hadn’t paid anything in a few weeks…we were waiting for the loan to come through to pay everything off but they advsed the wrong info so anyway i had to blow 700 on bills…at least we are squared away now and i only have to wait for the electricity bill to come…eeek!!!

i feel bad for him though he is earning heaps and we have to keep spending it all on bills…onc we have paid off dad and angela though it will be good coz we will have an extra 300 a fortnight – which we shall put straight on the loan i think so we can not notice the difference – although i think i will spend a few months enjoying it first!!!! HAAHHAHA…we are hoping to borrow the rest next year to pay them off and we will just add it to the loan if we can….it should only be abuout 25000 by then…fingers crossed….i have to work out how much we have paid them too….i know it will be approx 11,000 in a few months so i think that is really cool!!! only a little to go…will be niec to get rid of that hanging over our heads – would be even better if we could win lotto for that amount – but i know that will never happen!!! hehehe

i am feelign surprisingly good this last few days – aside from all the hospital crap happening…i am feeling a little more buoyant. I am trying to pscyhe myself up for the gym and i don’t think it is working very well…to be brutally honest that is….but i will keep doing it and see how i go…i think i am getting worried as i will be going there after dark and i do not have a car to get home in, so i will travelling at night from broadie – i shoudl be ok though i cna handle myslef…especially after some body combat classes!!! ehhehe

anyway i have to go now – i am tryng to meet up with Devon this weekend – so that shoudl be interesting – she is having the same problems i am trying to make friends with people…so we will hopefully hit it off really well – and her being marreid also means we have a chance to meet another couple!!! lets hope they are similar to us and that we all tolerate each other enough!!!

bye sweety – take care of yourself and please keep your chin up – you are beautiful no matter what they say….


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