hello all

not much to say – foudn out last night my uncle-in-law has had a heart attack and has been flown to st vincents hosp, so we are going to go there and see him today – the boi is suppsed to be at work but since uncle has no family down here thought he should go and see him.

i am supposed to be going to the xfactor tonight with my mum – she got tickets to the live performance and is very excited!!! HAHAH she wants to see mark holden!!! she is like a school girl when she talks about him – all excited etc….rather cute really….

my little bro shoudl be out of hosp either today or monday – they have to teach him how to get up and down stairs with his crutches – he has no pain now which is great! I am not so worried about it mending now….

nothing much else is going on in my life really..have been contemplating my crappy job more and more and once i buy some new clothes etc i will be going for as many interviews as possible…fingers crossed i get something – i also have to decide what courses i want to do to get out of the rut i am in and into something a little more promising…..

anyway i better choof off – we have to go to the hosp now – talk to you all later


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