why is it that we girls stend to lose our minds just before the monthlies…I mean is it really necessary??does anyone have any solutions to making it not happen as severly??

I have noticed i am gettig worse with age and i get grumpier and more depressed just before them almost every month – where as previously it was not as noticable…

i am feeling more normal today – but i assumed the last few days of mental posts has been attributed to pms and i hate the feeling of being an uncontrollable git!!! hehhe

anyway – i just thought i would seek advice from my other female counterparts and see what, if any, solutions, herbs, dietary intakes etc people could advise???

another thought i had is that it is related to excercise or lack of it…do you think it makes a difference if you are fir, healthy and excercising???

anyway hugs to all!!



5 thoughts on “why?

  1. minxee says:

    At times I have similar issues, I can totoally sympathise.
    Things I find work are:
    more sex – orgasms makes me happy, just like chocolate, without the calories.
    eat well and do exercise – I’ve not seriously done this before now (well the last few days) and I’m noticing just how much garbage I used to eat when I thought I was eating reasonably well. As for exercise – give it a go….I haven’t done much since changing my eating, just a bit of walking, but so many people can’t be wrong when they say you do feel great after getting the heart pumping a bit. Hell, I might even try it myself sometime soon 😉
    I have heard that taking herbal supplements might be helpful, but I’ve been too lazy to stick to it for anything more than a few days. Try it for a minimum of 6 weeks to see results?
    Give yourself a break – recognise that you’re premenstrual and don’t stress if you get a little nuts over things….just name it for what it is, don’t make any huge life deicions (ie moving interstate/overseas/leaving partner) and know that it’ll pass…
    Hope this helps….

  2. nattie_babe says:

    Yeah, I get really angry and snappy and it pisses my whole family off and I don’t even realise it. Thats only the PMS and for me it lasts like only a day. Then I get my period and I get reeeeeeeeeally bad period pain. I just try and do some excercise because it makes it better and I pop a few pills. Doing stuff to get your mind off it works the best me thinks coz if you8r just sitting around thinking how bad it is just makes it worse.
    Main thing is don’t stress.

  3. I use Chamomile Tea. It relaxing and it seem to keep my moods at a manageable level. I get alot of pain in my lower torso and I’ve just started taking arnica, it helps reduce swelling and I’ve noticed a slight difference. I hope this is of help. =)

  4. jessarion_88 says:

    i get the same thing.. i loose my mind.. im grumpy.. emotional.. usualy sick.. etc
    i always just thought it was due to the fluctuating amounts of hormones in your system.. cos of the changes..
    i usually get ok periods when im on the pill.. but i recently came off it and now ive noticed how crazy n sick i get..
    if ur gettin pains or you are unusually tense during your time, try an infusion of chamomile and lemonbalm – chamomile being the relaxant and lemonbalm being a uterine relaxant.
    and exercise helps.. im the biggest lazy arse.. and i think that also contributes to my mood swings.. healthy pplz often dont get painful periods.. or mood swings.. i figured maybe i should get fit.. next month 😛
    sorry.. im just rambling *mwa*

  5. dragonray says:

    thanks to everyone for their suggestions – i like minxee am hopeless with any form of tablets eeheh i never take them long enough and th eonly tea i used to find that calmed me during this period (no pun intended)was berry zinger by celestial seasons – which i have been unable to find since i moved back tomelb…so i am going to have to find it so i can have that – i used to find my pms less because i would drink a pot of it every night before i went to bed and there must be something in the berries that would ease my mind…
    i will attempt some of the other suggestions made!!!
    Thanks heaps – and yes i get severe cramps when i have my monthlies – i used to have to stay home but they are easing as i get older -hot water bottle is my saviour!!!

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