the usual…i am bored at work…nothing to do and i have to be here until about 6.00…i might try to leave a little earlier instead of wasting time here….lol maybe i will leave at about 5.30…we shall see…i still have to wait for the boi if i leave so it is not like i get to go home eary anyway…

have finally gotten into routine again for ritual – which is wonderful..practising hard again – i am still confused and don’t understand some of the things i am doing – so i will have to see if i can chat to my teachers about it…

nothing much else has been going on – our loan is still taking ages to be sorted out – which is annoying me like no tomorrow…so we are going to have to see what we can get organised…before it comes through in the way of bills etc…

hrmm…what else…nothing much…my birthday looms ever closer – joy and mum’s other half should be here in 8 weeks…which is kind of cool…almost there…hehehe

i have to buy boaz a muzzle next week when i get paid so i can start takinghim out for long walks as part of my exercise routine..and i am sure he will enjoy it – i hate having to have him on a muzzle but until he gets the idea that other dogs are friends he gets so excited he always bites his drastic measures need to be taken….we also have to try to get him used to the idea that dogs are ok so we can leave him at a kennel while in japan – if we have to i mean…

hrmm…not much else – had a great weekend hads cousins over on friday with some friends and then again on Sunday – did heaps of tarot readings this weekend i should start charging coz i could have made a packet…hehehe but it is just not in me…lol

anyway i better fgo and look interested in something..

hugs and kisses


6 thoughts on “usual

  1. Will you read mine if I ever get my butt over there?
    When are you planning the trip for?

    • dragonray says:

      will definaetly read yours should you ever get your arse over here!!!
      our trip? to japan? will be in sept/oct…as in end of sept running into oct… very excited – will hopefully *fingers crossed* be booking the tickets next month!!!! AYYAAYYAY

    • dragonray says:

      i wish i could remember where i got it from – some icon community on lj…heeheheh…i foudn soem really nice ones there so i kind of went nuts!!! HAHAHAH

  2. where do you work?
    do you have a boyfriend/husband?
    some one has read mine, but i didn’t like the result. it frightened me muchly!

    • dragonray says:

      i work in the city for an insurance company (well docklands really – not the city as such – more the arse end of the city!! 🙂 )
      and yeah i have my boi – we are engaged and the wedding keeps getting put off for other things like going overseas etc – so one day i will have a husband for the minute we enjoy spending our money on stuff!!! AAHAHAHAH ROFLMAO
      and i love reading tarot for people – i tend to get too many people breakig down and crying though – i don’t read the future i read the present and things you need to change about yourself before what you want will happen so there is never really anything in there that is bad but you have to be able to face the truth about yourself and then change it if need be….well that is what i have found anyway!! that is just the way i do it though….

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