why oh why

ok..this is going to be a very girlie post, but why do my so called “friends” kepe thinking i have no feelings??? not to give too much away but (as usual) i gave some advice to a friend who told me she was going to wait until the end of the week and see what happens – this is something that has stressed her out and been making her cry etc – so i give her my shoudler…not 20 minutes later her other friends tells her the same thing and she does it straight away no questions asked….

this is not the first time this has happened to me – either by her or other so called friends – and my question is how do i stop giving a shite about people…i do not want friends anymore i just want people i chat to on things like LJ, MSN, Yahoo et ccoz you know why – you can’t ge used, abused or walked all over…but IRL you tend to think poeple aren’t as fucking annoying as they actually are…

suffice it to say i am really hurt now because as usual i thought we had a friendshp happening – mind you i should have realised it is not like that when her and her best friend got back from 6 weeks overseas instead if wanting to come over and catch up and tell me all about it and show me ll the photos – as you would with a “friend” – i get a message about 3 weeks later saying “can we come over and have our tarot read – we will pay you for it”….and to add insult to injury she doesn’t even have the decency to ask me during the day or call me – i get an sms at about 6.30 at night…..GRRRRR

fuck them all i say i have had enough (again. since i work with them as well it makes it hard to start ignoring them or their phone calls coz i sit near them…any advice you ca give me would be good because basically i can’t be bothered explaining it to them – i shouldn’t have to – i shouldn’t have to explain how to be a friend should i???

anyway i am shitty again now…i will talk to you all later…



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