at work to do….boredom beginning to sink in…i am looking into some tafe courses that are so far different to what i thought – but it sounds interesting and fun – so *shrugs* we shall see…..

our loan has been sorted out – we shoudl be getting the money in a week or so which means we will have new fences in about 3 weeks give or take – if we are lucky obviously….

the optus bill (and my brother and his friend) have been sorted out like the dicks they are – i have since found out it was probably less my brother and more the other person involved – but long story short – it hasn’t affected myname in anyway coz it has finally been paid…YAYAYA and therefore i am very happy!!!

was my dad’s birthday yesterday – HAPPY BIRTHDAY DADDY!!!! they came round for dinner and was very fun having them over- they wentover our house with a fine tooth comb saying all the things we could and should do – was interesting to have some ideas thrown our way – they ahve done it a few times (i think from memory i can count about 6 times in th elast 4 years) so i kind of trsut thema little bit…hehehe…so to do everything i need to do i need to buy a sander and hire a steamer…then i can get some of the bits done….wallpaper etc…heheeh YAYAYA…..

anyway enough from m e- i have things to do…wtwiddling thumbs, staring into space etc..

hugs and kisses to all



3 thoughts on “boredom….

  1. happy birthday dad! 😛
    my house needs a lot of touch ups also.. but we’re renting.. so yeah!
    i wanna paint this place.. it’d look so much better. the people in this place previously didn’t take to well care of the place.

    • dragonray says:

      thanks for the bday wishes….
      you know you could always ask the landlord if they would mind you painting the place….i mean maybe you could work out an arrangement with them…half the rent for a week so you can pay for the paint etc….i know i have had afew friends that had great landlords like that…worth a shot anyway…lol

      • Re: hehe
        yeah, that’s a nice idea. our landlords are in another country at the moment, spending all our rent money:P so we’ll see when they get back

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