well so far my weekend has been great!!!! had friend over saturday night and was cool to just chill out and relax -nothing exciting no drunkeness!!! heehe (shock horror i know) then my mum came round was nice to catch up and she was quite good last night…and today i am going to vacuum all the dog hair up (my little bro is apparently allergic) and we shall see how he does…..and i have to make dinner tonight – i have to go and some potatoes from the store – but i can’t be fucked with all the crowds and people – i wish we had a little IGA somewhere around the corner that didnt take as much effort to get to…heeheh slack aren’t it??? giggle

and now i am off to clean up and make the house semi-livable for my parents – it is te first time they have ben here since we moved in – so it is very exciting for us!!!! ehheeh

hugs and kisses


ps – i am jealous coz i didn’t get any easter egss and you all got hundreds and i am ying for some chocolate – anyone care to send me some???? giggle

pss – i think i need some new icons….i am over the ones i have…giggle


7 thoughts on “weekend

  1. haha, i would’ve given you the chocolate eggs that didn’t taste as good as the others, but i ended up eating it about an hour ago.. 😛

    • dragonray says:

      i was cheeky – i went to the supermarket and bought some of my own eggs…ehehhe if no one gives me any i will go and buy them!! heeheh…was pretty cool coz they were all half price as well..giggle…

      • Re: eggs
        haha, that’s amusing. i’m going into work today (bigw) so i might get some eggs on sale! yay.. well i’ll be yaying until i’m sick haha

  2. laneth says:

    The thing that got me with your post was as follows:
    “…i am ying for some chocolate…”
    Masculine Chocolate? *thinks about it for a bit…*
    And to contradict ye with the Hundreds of eggs thing…I got
    1 egg, and am happy *pokes out tongue*

    • dragonray says:

      but i am ying!!! HAHHA i should really check through my posts before i hit the update button – but i always have much more fun later trying to decipher my language!!! heehheeh
      *pokes tongue back* i bought a 20 pack of eggs for myself!!! i cheated i know but i had to!!!
      ps – i forgot to say congrats on the 7 month thing!!! very exciting!!! almost a year!!

  3. darqrat says:

    You did get easter egg candies lololol
    You were on your best behaviour? Awwww *grins
    I shall bring a good supply of alcohol next time I visit and we can revel in drunkedness properly (after all, it’s only fun if everyone drinks)…..
    But yeesh, I could not talk properly at all when I was there….I hope Drew doesn’t think I’m a nut XD I was waffling such crap…..The more comfortable and better I get to know you, the better and more intelligent I talk, I promise 😉 Or at least I can string coherent sentences together!
    Though I do want to spend one night chatting to you about ritual etc and not watch movies (they are good, but suck my brains out 😛 heheh) Let me know what you think….*nods
    But yes, Thank you for dinner and everything! That was a really nice surprise and so nummy too ^_^
    Heh, at least you didn’t get given eggs that had been eaten by weevils! Ewwwww……(puts some of her easter eggs in the bin)

    • dragonray says:

      eeeewwww!!! yucko!!!
      was our pleasure!!! and yes to the revelling in drunkeness next time….yes to the chatting re ritual as well…..no we didn’t think you were a fruit cake!!! heheeheh

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