pagan pride – long winded – worth a laugh at my expense though!!!

ok, now i am really fucking shitty at the way people tret others and
expect it to be ok….i am currently having an email discussion with an
owner of a yahoo egroup…now apparently this persons had raecently
hadapoll going to see who still wanted to be in the group – as one who
doesn’t do polls on any egroups coz i really don’t care about them – i
am more interested in the actualy discussions – I wa very annoyed to
find i had been booted from the list because of non-response – going
back through my emails i find the poll does not even have a subject
line that woudl interest me – it says “roll call poll” – so i am
supposed to know that if i do not answer the poll i will get booted am
i? remeber if i see “poll” i don’t open the email nor do i even bother
to remember it is there – anyway i get a notification saying “sorry to
see you go” you know – the auto emails that get sent out – so i send an
email to the owner (copy following) sating i think it is stupid the
only method is polls when there are people out there who don’t do them
and anyway the owner send me an email getting narky about how enough
people cared to answer and i should understand how groups are
run….anywa i sent another email back and am now waiting for a

i am fuming the owner calls herself wiccan – becasue as a wiccan i can
tell you that kind of attitude is not something that will lend you
strength over the years – i don’t care how old you are!!!  GRRRR i
have no idea why i am so fucked off coz nothing much ever really
happens on thelist but i think it is the basis that because i don’t
care about polls i get booted off – why was there no other email with
an appropriate subject line so people knew what was going on…GRRRRRRR

this is the email convo so far…you need to start from the bottom and work up….
Owner wrote:

Goodness me, I am not taking this personally, I simply say it as it is.
 I handle criticism very well, I think a little is a good thing
hence why I thanked you… I have no idea what you are on about – me
taking things personally… I can assure you if you knew me you would
see that I am just being myself here 🙂
 I have run groups for years and most people have actually thanked me for setting those polls up.
I sent many emails explaining why I set that poll up…. look, you
are the only one who had a problem with it everyone else understood it.
 But like you said before you never read the emails anyway,
so what would have been the point in me going about it differently???
 Ummmm… you can say whatever you want… don’t recall saying otherwise?
 Do you see the point in keeping this conversation going??  I don’t.
 I wished you well in the end of my last email but you took it in a
sarcastic way… you must of otherwise you wouldn’t have assumed I take
things personally.
 Anyway, take good care of yourself. (not being sarcastic… being serious here.)

I wrote:
 It has nothing about caring or not, I do not vote on polls end of
story and therefore do not even read the posts – had youc ared about
your members you woudl have sent out an email with a subject line of
something similar to “please respond via email if you wish to stay a
memebr of this group” so people like me would know what you were
talking about.
Understanding the workings of a group has nothing to do with is
considering i have been memebrs of many yahoo groups for years and
yours is the first one i have been removed from for not voting – you
should understand the workings of people before you start getting
And yes it is feedback and therfore I am allowed to say whatever i want
to say – especially since you do not know me and i do not know you. If
you want to runa  group you need to be prepared to handle
criticism both positive and negative – without taking it personally!!

Take care of yourself!!

Owner wrote:
> MM dragonray,
>  > Actually most people did care and voted which was nice
of them, I’m so glad to have members who genuinely want to be there and
who obviously understand the workings of a group.
> I for one am a member of many groups in which they have such polls and never for a second get rude or nasty about it.
> If I want to be in that group I vote it’s as simple as that. I don’t see it as a rude way by all means.
>  > I don’t see the point in assuming things about others I
don’t know, I’m not that kind of person… so thank you for sharing
your views even though you don’t know me or cared about being in my
>  > Take good care of yourself.
>  > BB

I wrote:
> no it is fine…i never read any posts re polls because i don’t
vote – so even if they had been going for 6 months I would never have
even read the posts…perhaps you should find an alternative
arrangement to see who wants to stay in the group. rather rude if you
ask me to assume that everyone does or even cares about the
polls…..but hey – who am i to you? no-one so don’t bother about
adding me to the list…

of course i am the only one who had an issue with it the other people
probably aren’t on the list? fuck me i am soooo angry – so i am the
idiot am i for getting angry atbeing brushed off – and the owner gets
to explain her side but my side is irrelevant whatever you fucking
dumbarse – think what you want about it – you can live in your fantasy
world that you have done nothing wrong and all will be well..i did not
realise i was supposed to be like the other people on the list and
nothave a life or differeing opinions to you or the list!!


6 thoughts on “pagan pride – long winded – worth a laugh at my expense though!!!

  1. mrapophis says:

    Just don’t worry about it. You don’t want to be part of a group owned by such a clueless hag anyway… Let alone a Yahoo! group full stop!
    Yahoo is the side of the net reserved for the simple clueless people. You want nothing to do with any of them. 🙂

  2. spamhater says:

    You know I love you but I couldn’t resist,

    • dragonray says:

      Re: You know I love you but I couldn’t resist,
      that is the funniest picture i have ever seen!!!! thanks for it!!! ROFLMAO
      i have been laughing my arse off ever since i saw it!!

      • mrapophis says:

        Re: You know I love you but I couldn’t resist,
        I’m surprised you haven’t seen this before.

      • dragonray says:

        Re: You know I love you but I couldn’t resist,
        naa i hadn’t – but even now i look at it and laugh – it is soooo funny!!!! hehehe
        hey – how have you been anyway – happy easter and all that stuff…we should catch up sometime soon…i am getting an upgrade this weekend so i can kick yours and drew’s arse next time you are up for it…lol…(i wish) how is work? what has been happening?

      • mrapophis says:

        Re: You know I love you but I couldn’t resist,
        I’ve been pretty good, although awfully busy with work. Happy easter to you and Sketch too. I sent an SMS on Easter. Definitely have to catch up again soon. Let me know when you guys have some more time off, and I’ll see what I can work out.
        Bout time you got an upgrade!

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