whinging again

well i went to work today for two hours and threw up twice – tell me how am i feeling? i went to work onwednesday morning as well and left after an hour – i just can’t cope being in there – it is all open plan and the toilets are too far away from my desk and i have no sides on my chir so i sit and sway whichmakes me nauseous (no walls makes me dizzy as ihave nothing to hold onto) and then i have to run to the loos to be sick….so you can see why i prefer to be at home where i have lots of walls, comfy couches and TWO toilets – one is never more than about 1.5 metres away…..

was very annoyed that after being off work for a week my team leader did not even see fit to come and say hello to me – not that she normally does anyway – but well you would expect a few courtesies….

i am sorry i haven’t called you back Darqrat – as you can see – not well…i will try to call you tomorrow sometime….

i am very annoyed with my body and wondering why i am sick again – mind you this is severe – i have no thad a week off work due to being constantly sick in a very long time!! (last august not included as i had to go to dr’s appointments every day for two weeks and was not actually sick – why am i justifying this too myslef?) you know i am – because iam a workaholic and i do not cope being at home when i know i could be at work – i hate being home alone with nothing but my illness to keep me company – but at the risk of grossing everyone out i stay home – there is nothing more annoying than people who are sick and stay at work…see i am a walking hypocrite…..lol

onto happier news – our loan (refinanciing and borrowing a little more) has been approved (although for the wrong amount – long story) so we are just going through the last bits of paperwork now and it will all be sorted out – so YAYAYA…looks like we will be going to japan in sept/oct now – as we have borrowed enough to cover the bits we ar enot going to be able to save in time…and then we are getting the fences done and paying some money to my parents and i MAY *blinks with hope* be getting an upgrade – finally…mmmmm RAM!! and PROCESSOR!!! mmmmmmmmm….. *licks lips* soooooo excited…..

we may also need to buy a dvd -rom to stick on the boi’s pc as we are thinking of buying a handycam that shoots straight to dvd….which would be cool for sending stuff to relatives in other states that we do not get to see….i mean it has been three years and i still haven’t met his dad!! eheehh – mind you i am thinking we should wait until we get to buy it dutyfree!!! heehhe mmmmmm duttyfree here we come!!!! *evil laugh*

so anyway – enough about me – i am sick of typing – it is hurting my already sore eyes….we have no car again as the boi left the lights on and the battery has gone flat…so i am trying to get someone out here to give us a jump start as i am not a member of ravc – although i thought i was….*shrug*

hugs and kisses to all



3 thoughts on “whinging again

  1. mrapophis says:

    Perhaps you should see a doctor… Or maybe the emergency ward, or something. Sounds like you’re in bad shape. At very least, they make drugs that help with nausea.

    • dragonray says:

      dr suck!!
      yeah doctors have all told me it is viral and to drink lots of fluid and have lots of sleep….they gave me tablets to help with the nausea but they make me drowsy, so three times a day i fall asleep..heheh rather funny actually when i think about it….
      i am hoping that once i am doing some sports etc – my body will get back into its normal healthy state – i start squash on monday – hehe only god knows how i am going to get through an hour!!! eheheh

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