i have been feeling slightly lost the last few weeks….I am annoyed with work and am considering doing some tafe courses to get out of the rut iam currently in…but my issue is what do i want to do with the rest of my life? I could do my dfp but then do i want to stay in that industry forever – i mean i know it will be around forever and that it is mostly stable…but i don’t think i want to be there…so i am thinking of doing some management courses or IT or maybe i shoudl do a horicultural thing…i am so at a loss…..i want to do tafe courses as well because i have nothing on my resume that says i have done anything….and i haven’t..so i think it is time for me to change that..i am nearly 26 (which means i am nearly thirty *wails* *sobs*) and i want to get my career happening before i think about kids etc…if i have any that is….

so my question is what should i do with myself….i ma going to look up courses and see if anything slaps me on the side of the head….and i will contend with the fact that i have absolutely no clue as to what i would be good at or what i enjoy – such a life that i have led of not being able to do the things i wanted to do in high school…

anyway enough blather – i am off to find out about tafe courses and enrolment etc….then i also have no idea how i am supposed to fit in tafe with sqash and dance….see too much effort if you ask me!!! LOL



2 thoughts on “feelings

  1. darqrat says:

    Heh, your only nearly 30 if you are 29…..cause when you continue that train of thought….it gets scary!
    Eg. I kacked myself the other day when I noticed I had less than 20 years till I’m 40 Eek! *Though thats taking it too far 😉
    Tafe is good. I miss it. Career wise? Don’t do writing courses. Horticulter often asks that you have a job in a nursery etc while doing the course.

  2. minxee says:

    I am thinking of discontinuing the DFP. It’s so fucking boring I cannot pay any grand amount of attention to it. I don’t want to becomine a fin planner (really, who was I kidding?) and I had a look on mycareer.com.au and careerone.com.au and there are plenty of positions that don’t require that as a qualification in this industry….sooo with that in mmind I’m not going to finish my DFP. Add it tot he long list of studies I haven’t finished….heh
    Maybe I’ll find something that I *do* truly like and my sudies will be over before I realise it 😉

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