update – semi-controlled… :)

ok, the last few weeks have been surprisingly horrible and or for details refer to the previosu post – but soemthing so strange has happened that i felt compelled to write again and express my gratitude to the world….

I am taking up squash (again – lets hope i stick to it for a while) anyway a few weeks ago i contacted my local courts and was advised (after some convo) that another girl was wanting to play squahs but had no partner – long story short we were supposed to meet up and plans fell through – so tonight i get an sms from her and i sms her back giving her my home number and lo and behold i get a phone call…

now when i was told this ladies name i immeadiately had “visions” of one of the girls i used to hang out with when i was like 18 (before i moved to sydney – incidently one of Tanya’s friends) anyway after a few moments of discussion and a few pertinant questions i find it is the same girl!!! how weird is that??

Had a quick catch up session and she is going to get in contact with Tanys for me and let her know i am wondering how she is etc – plans for squash next wednesday – so that will be cool!!!

Also in reference to the previous post – the issue has still not been sprted out – but will be on wednesay when i sit down with all involved and treat them like the 5 year olds they are…wish me luck….

I have been fairly busy with parents, friends and bastards and sorting out home loans so i aplogize for noy contacting people…i will shortly resume communications..

take care everyone and i hope you are all well….



2 thoughts on “update – semi-controlled… :)

  1. minxee says:

    Funny how things turn out re: old acquaintances….
    *hugs* things will get better.
    Chat soon 🙂

  2. YAY you haven’t run away forever! =D
    You tell them how it is! Good luck. =)

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