no more miss nice girl

thankyou to all who give a shite about me and fuck you to the rest…i hope some of you read this and realise how fucking hurt i am by your actions and misconduct. I cannot beleive my own family and my best friend woudl turn their backs on me and blame me for something i was helping them with.

I have done nothing but help you both out since we moved back to melbourne – even when we coudl not afford to we helped you out, and i expected stupid fucking me thinking that i would have earnt your respect by then – but no…you are both so selfish and full of shite you don’t realise everything that comes out of your mouths is bullshit!!

you both carried on about people fucking you over and how you would never do it to anyone else coz you have learnt from experience how hard that is – well what the fuck do you think you are doing to me you fuckers? i have managed to get my life back on track and to help you out i did what i did and this is how you repay me – by fucking it all up for me again – well fuck you all..everyone can get fucked i am so sick of helping people out – i always try to treat people with respect and what do i get for it – fuck all…well fuck it…everyone plays nice and says nice things but where is the fucking evidence any of you give a fucking shit!!!

I am so sick of trying to fit into other people’s lives and i am sick of trying to help people – from now on no fucking more…i am not liekly to use lj much anymore (unless of course my life gets better any time within the next year) because i have nothing to say to anyone – i am too hurt and scared to beleive that my “friends” are my friends and i sick to death of being fucked over…

so if anyone does wantt o contact me – incase i am not on here – you have my email addy otherwise it is as follows

my lj username @ my lj username . org




2 thoughts on “no more miss nice girl

  1. Aww hun. =(
    I’ll email you soon. I have something I want to show you, but I have to wait for the pics to be sent to me first.
    Damn I’m going to miss you! =( Will you keep in touch?

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