fistly i would like to point out that the pain receptors in the brain shoudl have an on/off switch – this way we could enjoy the feeling of gut wrenching stomach stabbing cramps and secondly i would like to suggest the invention of a automated bucket that stems from your neck when you push a button!!!

On wednesday I felt fine and dandy then about 4.15 i get these pains in the abdomen – i ignored them thinking it was just muscle tension or something, but then within 45 minutes i could not walk, breathe or move…anything that included some movement made me almost scream in agony…so i dragged myself to the city to get the boi to drive me home as i could barely walk and i had to wait an hour to get hold of him (sucks the call centre thing)….anyway my point leads to the question of…if you see someone clutching the wall to walk (very slowly as well with a limp) and she was crying..don’t you think you would see if she needed help? well maybe you would but i can tell you now – noone in the city of melbourne will!! I was stunned!! I mean it is not like i am dressed like a mental patient or anything….GRRR

suffice it to say i was in bad shape last night and this morning…i was almost out the door and the bucket became my best friend again!!! TMI? probably but my jounral!! LOL

I am feeling much better now..i have had some bread today to soak up anything that might be lingering and i have had some water etc….i am feeling much better!!!

I am still sore – not cramping but more like i have had a workout and my muscles are sore….heheh

anyway i am off to go to bed now..i need an early night since i slept very little last night – as you can well imagine.

I think this is my body telling me i have to eat better and look after it i think i am ging to have to sucker the boi into a regime of healthy for the rest of our lives i think…lol..

anyway hugs and kisses to all

talk to you all soon



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