well chilling out at home…my parents are not coming over anymore – they are going to pass in tomorrow and drop pff the keys on the way to the airport – so i am not doing anything now!! AYAYAYA…

just listening to my beach boys and surfing the net…boring i know but i have nothing much else to do right now…it doesn’t look like i am going to get an upgrade for a while so i might put my pc into my new tower so i can be impressed everytime i am in here…lol….i am a sucker for lights…

our car is in the process of getting fixed….there was very little structural damage to the car apparently…the rest was only the spoilers etc so it looked worse than it really was…but now we have to get rid of our baby and get a new car…coz it is not going to ever be the same now…lol…we have to wait for it to be fixed coz the whole care needs to be realigned etc…there is about 5000 worth of damage so we are happy the other guys had insurance – apprently he was only on a cover note as it was a company car and he had only had it a few weeks…so the company had to pay for the insurance to ensure we were covered…so i am so happy about that…let me tell you…

my typing is fucking terrible today…having a hard time typing what i want to!!

anyway i am going to shoot off for a while and watch the end of nausicaa (i downloaded it so i can try and get an english version if i like it!!!) I have only got about another 30 minutes to go…so i will talk to you all later!!!

i will be back shortly!!!

hugs and kisses


One thought on “update

  1. wilbla says:

    And it’s amazing how much they charge for repairs!

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