valentines day

well “rip off day of the year” is here and has rolled passed again without so much as an eye blink from usual…i have always hated valentines day – i am of the crowd that one day to express yoruself is just plain folly and youshoudl do it everyday as tomorrow may never come….

anyway enough about that – i didnt go to work today coz i had to wait for the tow truck and it took longer than expected then i had to go to the shop in ivanhoe to pick up the hire car – so we have a mode of transport for the boi until the car is fixed – it is a little mitsubishi colt peiece of crap but hey it runs and gets us to where we need to… doesn’t think our car is too bad although we have also noticed today the passenger seat may have twisted slightly on impact as it is not sitting atraight anymore – so we need to get that fixed – the boi sat in it today and he agreed with the assessment that it was nor crooked…ah well…more stuff needing to be fixed!!

um, not much else to say – was fucking stinker today – was not enjoying it – bring back the rain!! lol…

nothing else to say really….am hot, bored and going out of my fucking mind!!! lol

talk to you all soon

hugs and kisses


One thought on “valentines day

  1. darqrat says:

    Dan and I forgot all about it till today….just said the words “Happy Valentine day” and that was it…
    I keep complaining to him that by the time he gives me any flowers, it will be for my funeral :p
    And yup, I’m back online. Hope to catch up with you soon. I told Dan about the dvd night possibility and he’s agreeable to it. We’ll see what happens 🙂

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