how tight can you get one that you will actually follow!!!

i have drawn up a budget to see if japan is viable nad it is – only just bu -3.55 dollars a week…but with the kind of work the boi does his pay varies every week but we know how much his standard pay is so i have budgeted on that – hence the -3.55…lol

i wonder if can stick to this budget though – there is no room to move an cetainly no hope in expanding our dvd collection or anything…but the question is how much do you want to go to japan isn’t it? hehehe

i will run it by him when he gets up and maybe we need to print some of these out and plaster them around the house to help us remember what we are doing!! lol…and some pictures of japan i think to go with the budget….

we went to flight centre and looked at their deals to japan and some of them were quite good tickets only about 1100 each as opposed to 1600 each which i sgreat but they need to be paid for by march!! AHAHAh fat chance!!! thw other problem we found out about was there is apparently a high season in japan for the one month we are going – isn’t that ridiculous!!! one month high season…anyway so the times that we want to fly are more expensive – i think it is crap!!! anyway….

you are probably all sick of hearing about it by now so i will shut up….


ps = my dreams of a new pc have gone out the window now as well…lol..i will just have to put up with it!!! lol…not that i mind right?? AHHAHAHAAH


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