metal intercourse

exatly an hour ago while waiting to turn into our street, someone slammed into the back of our beautiful car…our baby is fucked now…she looks like a fucking peice of metal mashed broccoli…

i am so depressed…so is the boi….we were just sitting there waiting doing nothing with my indicator on and the next minute WHAM!!! our car gets slammed forward about 2 feet maybe by someone in ford…

anyoy suffice it to say the right hand side panel over the wheel is bent out quite a bit – the boot won’t open it is jammed shut – not sure how but it looks like the boo tlid is actually pinned down somehow – the whole spoiler and bumper is wrecked, both the rear doors do not open or shut properly and there is ahuge dent in the back bumper….

the towie will be out on monday to get our car coz we at least managed to get it home – not so for the other guy – the poor guy has just driven all the way from geelong and was here to spend the arvo with the family – i have no idea how he is going to get home!!!

anyway i am going to get some strong wine into me coz i am all over the place shaking etc – not that we are hurt but it is still freaky…i mean i do not doubt that had i had my tyres turned liked i normally do we would have been pushed into oncoming traffic and it could have been a lot worse…

anywa onto more exciting news…..the bois matein japan Yosuke is getting married in october – so guess where we might be going in october if we can save up the money (tassie seems a bit crappy after the thought of japan LOL) so we arestill working out the bits and pieces, but he ha wanted to go to Japan for ages and i have beenw anting to go overseas agains ince everyone i know is going this year somewhgere…so it fits in with us both quiet well….

not sure on the exacts eyet as obviously we have to save up a fair bit of money to be abel to go…but we shall see….

hugs and kisses
talk to you all later – i am going to stare at my car some more and cry…..



5 thoughts on “metal intercourse

  1. ratatoskr says:

    Sorry to hear about your car accident, but you’re right – it could have been a lot worse.
    Last year my girlfriend was driving and she was hit by a ute, which pushed her into oncoming traffic, and she was hit twice more. Broken pelvis, one week in hospital, months off work, physiotherapy, and she still gets pain from it sometimes. And the car was a write-off.
    Not a nice experience for anyone concerned.
    Hope you feel better…

  2. minxee says:

    Glad you guys were not seriously hurt!!! Sorry to hear about the car. Even my little scratch my bumper accident last year had me shaking for what could have been.
    *hugs* Hope you had a nice strong drink and chilled out afterwards. Thoughts of Japan sounds awesome!!

    • dragonray says:

      first time
      yeah very hppy nothing serious – but it was my first ever accident as a licensed driver o it had me freaked out a swell…my prefect record is now tarnished!!! boo hoo!!! HAHAH
      yeah japan sounds great – every single person i know has plans to go overseas at some time this year and i was beginning to get the shite coz the boi didn’t want to help me save up – but now i have a chance to get a few weeks overseas I am taking it – I will make us save as much as i need to!!! lol..I am determined!!!! HAHAAHA

  3. Aww, that SUCKS! I’m glad to hear you are ok though.=)

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