tonight i am going out to meet a friend – ok and i have no idea where i am going!!! anyone who has driven with me knwo si cannot navigate to save myself when other people are driving because i want to watch the road and not the map book…lol…anyway – i have detailed instrcutions on hwo to get where i am going…i have to go and pick up the boy from work tonight at 10.30 and i want to get some chopping done as well….

so i will buy some yummy for dinner while i am at the supermarket buying the normcal shop….

anyway not much to say – i will be leaving shortly so i have to get the dog fed and all the ususal crap that is invloved in going out…hehehe

talk to you all later

hope you have a great nite – i figured i shoudl update something as everyone else seemed to go nuts today i thought i shoudl add something into the mix!!! lol



3 thoughts on “hehehe

  1. spamhater says:

    Looks to me like you’re tanked already, “knwo si”. Huh?
    “chopping” what. Calm the fuck down girl.

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