very boring night tongiht..i am watching medium and then sensing murder – being paagn i love both these shows about life after death and talking to dead people or being clairvoyant – jealousy is a curse – not that i woudl want to see dead people but well i could cope with being clairvoyant…

othrwise nto doing much at all…vegging out until they start – i need to make some dinner soon though so i dont’ have to miss any of the programs…no idea what i shoudl have for dinner..maybe some hard boiled egss…how boring..cheesy pasta? hrmm no idea!!!

work was great today – did fuck all…yesterday i had no phone calls so i got through everything on my desk which meant today i just helped everyone else out..antother day with very few phone calls..

i found out today another one of my friends is going overseas in May..GRRRR i wnt to go overseas as well and my boi just doesn;t seem interested in it – so it makes it hard to save up for it….i want to travel and he doesn’t it- it is one thing that really gets be annoyed….but what cna i do? not much really – i have rtied starting savings accounts but it never happens because we just get too mant fucking bills to pay – word of advice – find a really nice landlord and never ever buy your own house unless you are fucking rich!!! i mean it is nice having our pwn place etc but fuck me!!! i want to do stuff with my life as well you know!!! anyway..i am tempted to start putting money inside my mattress instead now to try and save…lol…maybe a wall safe behind a picture!!! YEAHHHH…would go with our book case!!!!

anywa i think that is all i have to say – not much i know and more of a whinge than anything…but that is life…ehheeheh…i shall have to think about where i want to be in five years (other than scotland living it up)!!!


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