ok aside from slutting myself out to st kilda, what is the quickest way to make 400 in one week? LOL..any ideas!!!! AHAHAHHAAH

my cousin is having a 21st in Tassie and i woudl so love to go coz my dad is going!!! my dad was great friends with my uncle and auntie and when he split from my mum so did the friednship (sort of) anyway to cut a long story short – i want to go so i can hang out with my fav rellos and my dad all while no one else si there to steal him away from me – the kids won’t be there etc…so i will have him all to myself – effectively anyway!!

but aside from the money issue – it is the problem of getting enough time off work to go…i would only need one day i suppose of we flew down on the friday and came back on the sunday night – i would probablybe ok to get the time off – not sure with my other team member being away – but then the boi woudl have the hardest time of all getting it off because of the crap he has to deal with.

The other issue is our dog – who in gods name woudl be here to look after him – no one – so i guess it is a fairly mute point? although maybe one of the boi’s mates might be willing to spend the night here for us…lol…we shall see but these are all the things that go with having a dog and a house and 24/7 shift job!!! ROFLMAO!!!

everyone keep your fingers crossed!!

anyway so if anyone has any great ides for how to make it happen lemme know coz i would be forever in your debt!!! LOL….i am hoping the gods are nice to me like they were to nz_ but we shall see….

i am loving this rain – it has not stopped all day and i would not be surprised if i hear about flash floods some time tomorrow….

the boi doesn’t finish work for another 10 minutes then he will be on his way home to me!! AYYAAYAY

anyway i have to go now and drool over the really cheap flights to tassie from jetstar(59.00 from tullarmarine to hobart and pretty much the same on the way back!!!)



7 thoughts on “tassie

  1. minxee says:

    ok aside from slutting myself out to st kilda, what is the quickest way to make 400 in one week? LOL
    With what I hear the going rate is, you’d make triple that in one night 🙂
    I can’t think of any other creative ways to go about it hun…..hmmm I’ll keep thinking hey? heheh

  2. minxee says:

    oh and I like your new layout design thingo

  3. spamhater says:

    Ask dad if you can borrow the money, call in sick on Friday, have your “boi’s mates” look after the dog and have a ball!!!
    If that doesn’t work for you, try . I’m sure you’ll get a lot of help there. LOL

    • dragonray says:

      sounds very help ful doesn’t it? lol
      hey you didn’t say how good it was tohave your missus back? give us some of the dirty details at least – well i dont’ really want all that dirty…but you some comment !!! LOL

  4. I’m keeping my fingers and my toes crossed for you hun! And you never know, The gods could have it all planned out for you already! I hope so anyway.=)

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