movie reviews

i for got to tell oua bout the three movies i have seen recently…

i, robot – sucked more than i can imgine – a watse of two hours of my life that i will never get back. although the story was good and there was nothing wrong with the movie i thought it took tolong to get started and then it kind of fizzled….

riddick – this was fucking awesome – i was expecting crap and was so very surprised – i think it is really cool!!! hehee and vin diesel has great eyes in the movie….heheheh

the prince and me – chick flick alert!! was really cool, nice and romantic etc and what chick wouldn’t love the fantasy to come true…but well worth it if you like chick flicks….eheheh

we also bought – scream which i haven’t been game enough to watchit without the boi – i am chicken with scary movies ( i have seen scream already btw) and we bought galaxy quest AHAHAH i love that movie sooo much….mkaes me piss myself laughing “by grapthars hammer, i will avenge thee!!! HAHAHAHAH

anyhoo, that was all i wanted to say….pretty boring i know but hey – that is my life at the moment….

hugs and kisses
talk to you all later



3 thoughts on “movie reviews

  1. spamhater says:

    Danny deckchair (Aussie film) – we just saw this one the other night and laughed our asses off. Great comedy!

  2. darqrat says:

    There is a thriller sci-fic movie that Van made before Riddick and it is the same character I believe (if Van has those night vision eyes)….
    Pitch Black….interesting flick…..kinda corny as they are but enjoyable 😉

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