what is there to updte – not much i think really…we had to move desks today at work – i apparenly have to move again in about 2 weeks time to the desk next to me – someone else will be in my desk….waste o ftime if you ask me!!!

anyway – not much else is happening, kn supposed to be coming down next weekend – trying to get hold of him to find out if he is or not so we can enough food…hrmm…i wanted to buy stargate this weekend but i think that might be out of the question…we shall see….maybe we can go to the movies while kn is down coz the boi bought some movie tickets from his work for 8 bucks each..hrmm…we shall see…i think they are for a village cinema though not a hoyts one….

anyway…thank fuck it is friday is all i can say!!! i am so happy the week is over and i have next wednesday off as well next week so i might spend mostof the arvo on my pc playing crap games!!! AHAHAH i need a new one that is fun – i am not liking this whole 3d rendering, graphics that games have these days – makes me feel motion sick when i can move in any direction and zoom in really close etc….

what a load of crap i talking at the moment!!! HAHAHA happens after a mental day at work!!! lol….anyway i am going to shoot off and..*shrugs* i dunno…maybe have some dinner or something?

hugs and kisses

ps i might make up some more images – i need a few more icons – i wish i knew how to make them animated etc….oh well that is a another worry


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