latest complaint

here is my latest complaint letter to my health fund – dumb arse fucking bastards that they are:

Dear Sir/Madam,
I realize that sometimes errors occur in processing of information, I find it hard to believe that my account is so hard to come to terms with!! After three years with your company I am wondering why I am still here? Although I get a discount as a *** employee I think it is hardly justifiable with the amount of errors and crap I have to put up with from your incompetent staff members screwing everything up. Almost every time I hear from ****** (every few months) there is another HUGE problem with my account that takes a few weeks to sort out, only to be replaced with another problem.

The most recent problem, was premiums not being paid from my salary to ****** for a period of about 3 months, which at the time was my only option. Needless to say I rang ***** and was advised that if i started having premiums deducted from my salary again it would not be a problem and that at some point in the near future I would need to repay the approx $300 into my account. This was fine with me. I clarified with the Call centre staff about 5 times that there would be no problem with my deductions because I am aware that your call centre staff are a bit daft at times and have screwed up everything else i have asked them and only when i complain (like now) does anything get sorted out – ridiculous isn’t it?

Anyway, after having my deductions started again on the 9th December (approx) I now receive a letter (dated 20th Jan, see the time difference can’t you? Where has my money been going since December??) stating that you have no record of my account because I didn’t send in application form? So what do I have to do, start up another fund or do you think after this letter you can find my account and any funds sitting in the waste paper basket and add them to my account? Is the problem that you could address a letter to me but couldn’t find me on your system because you didn’t know my name? I do have such a common name that I believe you would have hundreds of “SAHYOUNE”‘s listed who work for the ************.

I think after this last attempt at pissing me off you have finally succeeded and I will be taking my business elsewhere. The fact that I pay 53.00 a fortnight and claim very little on my health insurance would be an incentive to try to keep me – but unless you can make hell freeze over in the next day I doubt very much you will keep this account.

Please respond to this email with an explanation as to what has happened and how this will be corrected at your earliest convenience.

lol…ahh they joys of complaint letters – for obviosu reasons i have blacnked out the names of the company – don’t want anything bad to come of this and i wouldn’t want to appear slanderous or anyhting….bastards!!!!! I always seem to be complaining to these people – no shit – every week there is something else wrong….


One thought on “latest complaint

  1. spamhater says:

    The word ‘scathing’ comes to mind. 🙂

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