i would love to be going to the kylie concert – except i have no one to go with…isn’t it depressing…naybe i shoudl just go by myself – but then i will look like a loser and i dont’ want to do that!!! LOL….not that i am loony about Kylie buti do really like her songs – i only have one of her albums, but i think she is great – every song she has released i have liked a lot!! if anyone wants to go – let me know!!! lol if we can get tickets I will go with you!!!

not much else has happened I am still trying to figure out how to get a layout happening on here and i think i am finally going to give up – i can’t be fucked trying any more. it is too fucking confusing!!! lol.

I also found out sarah is coming to byron bay apprently in marxh – trying to locate more info re that coz guess who woudl love to go to that as well…not likely though coz byron is like a weekend away thing…ah well…i saw her in concert once – that will keep me sated until the next time she comes out….lol NOT….

hrmm i hstill have to listen to crumb…don’t kill me nz!! i have been meaning to do it all week…i mean they have to be ok right? we like similar music and i think if i don’t listen to them soon your liekly to kill me!!! LOL….

not much else – the green lounge room has grown on me – looks liek the ocean in the those places that have the white sand and the green sea…so i am getting used to it.

work sucks as usual, but still no reponses to agencies…GRRR…the usual “if you don’t hear from us then you haven’t got it” email is my best friend at the moment – talk about depression…*bleugh*

nothing much else to say really..i just feel like blathering on here incase someone actually gives a shite about wats happening in my life!! ROFL…

hugs and kisses

talk to you all later….

ps – there was something else i was going to say and i can’t remmebr for the life of me now that i am actually on here…ah well


2 thoughts on “kylie

  1. minxee says:

    few points
    Sarah McLaughlin – Sydney Opera House – don’t know when….will have to look it up.
    I bought Ultimate Kylie – this is the only CD I’ve ever bothered to buy myself as I tend to hear her enough at J’s house. It’s a great CD. I won’t be going to her concert thought….too much of a monster event for me.

  2. You should go to the concert by yourself! You won’t be a loser, I’m not a loser, am I? I go to concerts on my own all the time! In fact I enjoy it. Theres no distractions, no worrying where your mate is, just you and the music. =)

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