lj reviews

ok, call me sceptical, but why woudl you have your journal reviewed by people who know nothing about you or your life?

there is a communtiy you can join where they review your journal an rate you (don’t know the scale – don’t really care) – I find it hard to believe there are so many people in the world who wants to have their journals reviewed…and these people ar4e nasty as well…

“no grammar, no punctuation, bad spelling, lack of capitilisation etc etc etc” i mean why?= for the love of god do you need these people to tell you that your feelings, emotions, friends, life (or lack thereof) are crap because you don’t use the correct grammar or spelling….

no offence to anyone who has their journals reviewed….i just don’t get it….i don’t give a flying rats arse what people think of my journal coz guess what – tis MY JOURNAL!!!

anyway that is my little lunchtime rant and it is over now…so i am going to get back to work and pull some more hair out….

hugs and kisses

ps – darqrat – i was surfing through all the people in australia and i found your nick so i thought i would see if it was you – hope you don;t mind sweety!!! but YAY it is you!! HAAHHAAH


10 thoughts on “lj reviews

  1. spamhater says:

    I did it right around the time I started just to get some constructive criticism but, you’re right, they’re too assholish about things.
    I met one nice person there at least.

  2. ratatoskr says:

    I agree. I wasn’t aware there was some sort of scale for judging people’s lives and their recountings of them. I mean, how would you even go about judging something like that? It seems as ludicrous as you’ve suggested, certainly.

  3. mrapophis says:

    From reading, one can hardly fathom the authors intention with this piece. It entirely lacks cohesion, with misspelled words mixed sporadically amongst what can only be construed as jargon.
    Grammar, punctuation, lack of capitalisation are amongst the few meaningful tidbits that I was able to decipher from this text, and it’s obvious that the author is sending out a plea for help in the understanding of such terms.
    Sadly, this is evidence of the ongoing plight of illiteracy in third-world-country’s, from which we can reasonably assume the author originates.
    Let us use this text, not to criticise these obviously unimportant people with incorrect opinions who lead boring lives and have emotional disorders, but to encourage our governments to give generously to these lower-class nations.
    P.S. The author keeps the company of fools. 🙂
    DISCLAIMER: It is no coincidence that I have commented upon every point made in the original post. This is quite obviously a joke, and a demonstration of the immense free time at my disposal.

  4. smurfy_mish says:

    I don’t get the whole “Rate my journal” crap either. I can’t believe people actually want their journal rated.
    Last week I was looking at the Rate my Face or something like that community group. There were 13 year old girls posting photos of themselves. People were calling them ugly and telling them to drop dead. They were SO mean to them…. adults teasing children. Grrr it made me so mad.

    • dragonray says:

      and we wonder why?
      we wonder why so many children have eating disorders and think they are fat etc – it is fucking ridicukous – but hey i think people under 18 shouldn’t be on the internet for exactly that reason – so it shows how much of a prude i am!! lol

      • smurfy_mish says:

        Re: and we wonder why?
        I totally agree with you!. I wonder if the parents of these 13 year olds have any idea their kids are posting photos of themselves on the internet!
        Off to swim now.. it’s too hot!

  5. darqrat says:

    Hah! Yes it is! 🙂
    Scared yet? lolol

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