fuck me

ok..it is too fucking hot and i am dying here – i would hate to be in albury/wodonga coz they are generally hotter then we are…

but damn i hate hot weather – i hate sweating and i hate not having a portable airconditioner…

ah well such is life…

anyway not much else to say since lunch time really – all rather boring – i am thinking i need to fix my website – but damned if i can figure out why some of my pages don’t work – it is driving me mad…oh well i will get it eventually – or just pay my boi lots of money to help me!! ehheh – whihc as most of you know will probably be the case!!

There is a fly dying somewhere nearby coz i can hear it doing that bzzzzzz bzzzzzz bzzzzzz thing they do…fucking annoying i swear!!! lol….

ahh welll time or me to sit on chat again and see if i have anyone to chat to….lol..i might be back later shuffling through the pages of lj to find new friends to drag into my monotonous and boring life!!! HAAHHAHAHA

hugs and kisses


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