i wonder when this boredom will stop – we have so little work at the moment – not that i want it to be like what it was a few months back, but geez, some work would be enjoyable right now…I am very frustrated with work because i want to do a course but they won’t pay for me to do it and it is pissing me off…if i have 2,000 just hanging around then i woudl do it no problem, but it is very diffcult to get 2,000 saved up when i have no ability to not spend money…we need to stop wanting things…yeah easier said than done i agree..espeically when there are so many things out there which are fun and enjoyable….

anyway, i think i am going to try to draw up another budget and we ahve to see if we can stick to it for more than a week..the problem is it is impossible to have one week without at least two bills that need to bepaid and that is what is shitting me the most…sadly you can;t get rid of things like gas, electricity, water, rates, phone – maybe i should just get rid of my mobile – it woudl be one less bill…hrmm have to think about that….

anyhoo..i am waiting for the boi to finish work so we can go home and i can fuck around with this .srt file some more..maybe chop my head off and see how i go…

nothing more to say really…the boi and i are going to look at blowing the home loan out so we can repay my rather than paying them back 300 bucks we only have to add about 50 onto the mortgage…or relatively anyway if you follow my drift….so it means they will be paid off and they won’t be as broke as they say they are – so we won’t feel so guilty…..

well i am going to shoot off as he shoudl be calling me soon to tell me he is on the way –

hugs and kisses to all…

talk to you all later



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