fuck me dead and bury me pregnant!!!

what a week and a bit it has been since my mate left!!! I have had the worst time rtying to get my family to understand the concept that my boi works crap hours and as such e couldn’t do xmas lunch or new years propoerly this year. do you tihkn after all the fighting and yelling they would get the picture – no…of course not…anyway i could rant for hours about all the shite that has happened over the last couple of days but it really wouldn’t be worth it – just know that i am pissed off and very angry with certain people who choose to say they are either my friend or my family…GRRRRRR

anyway on a lighter note, it is bloody hot and i am exhausted and it is my boi’s first weekend off in about 3 months…luckily it is on a weekend so i get to see him, but he gets two days in a row off…FABULOUSSSSS!!!!

So rather than making milions of comments on people’s journals coz it is too many to follow up from – here are some of the comments i woudl have posted to you all…..

anyway…minxee my love – you should move here – it is the best place to live!!!! and hey you can get a transfer through work!!! LOL…..

kn/ben – that was disgusting and next time you link and image like that please have advisory warnings on!!! i nearly brought up my dinner you gross bastards!!!!! ROFLMAO When you coming down???

nz – i love junkmail – i read everything that comes…i never miss anything simply because i see all the things in there really cheap and go nuts…lol…mmmm like i wanted to do tonight and do you think out of three shops that seel dvd’s/cd’s i could find any of the things i wanted!!!! NOT one had anything…GRRRR i was so pissed off (and on a side note – don’t diss sony – there is no excuse for ever saying anything bad about sony!!! LOL 😛

smurfy_mish – i am very sorry to hear about ebay – i read about it a while ago and i didn’t realise you did it full time…i am very sorry hun!!!

jess – you are a little piss head sweety!!! ehehhe i love it!!! when are you going for your license?

ratatoskr – glad to hear you got back from Adelaide safely etc and nice to hear you saying how much you love your girl…even if you were trashed……

i have just noticed all my LJ friends are piss heads!!! AHAHAH you have all posted about being drunk/stoned…HAHAHA but aren’t we all in some way

it just started raining as i was typing this post – and it smells so fresh…YUMMOOO>..much better than 39 degrees if you ask me!!! anyway going to tootle off and play some games or something….

hugs and kisses


9 thoughts on “fuck me dead and bury me pregnant!!!

  1. smurfy_mish says:

    Thanks for the message 🙂 I feel better about the whole Ebay thing now…I am a tarot reader as well, so I am going to try and focus more on that now!

    • dragonray says:

      what kind of tarot do you do and how much do you charge and where are you? i have a couple of friends who love going to tarot readers etc. I mean are you clairvoyant or do you just read the cards etc? I am still only learning and so pretty much read the cards and get very little help from above if you get mny drift..dont’ think i open up enough..lol..lemme know and i might be able to get you some business..hell i might even come and get a few readings off you – no one is ever able to give me a decent reading..apparently i affect too much change in my life for anyone to read me properly…blah blah blah….

      • smurfy_mish says:

        Re: tarot
        I’m in Caulfield, (Melbourne). I have always been into Tarot. My grandfather was a clairvoyant and my mum reads Tarot cards too (but in Russian). I did a course in Tarot 6 years ago, which went for almost a year. I have read for quite a few people since then, but I have only just started doing paid readings in the past year. For a first time reading, I charge $35 for a full hour. For second readings, I charge $45 for a full hour. I usually read from the cards, although often I will feel things through from my Intuition. I just did a psychic development course, to help me develop my clairvoyance further. Usually when I read the Tarot for people, they say i’m very accurate. If you ever want a reading, let me know. Also my no is 0404055842. Thanks hun 🙂

      • smurfy_mish says:

        Re: tarot
        I forgot to say, I do all kinds of tarot readings. I have quite a few tarot decks, although I work better with the Rider Waite cards. I can do general readings on all parts of your life. I can also do relationship spreads or a spread on one particular question. I’m quite flexible 🙂

  2. wilbla says:

    I’m not a piss head 🙂

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