sleepy nigh nighs

I have become used to not having people in the house with the boi and I after being alone since September, so I am finding it slightly weird to have some friends staying over!!! lol..very cool, but weird!!!

There is nothing really exciting to say – we were supposed to be going to the botanical gardens tonight but my friends are catching up with people they haven’t seen for ages so that is cool…the boi and i will sit and vegetate and home – sucks being broke…the bank has still not sent him new ATM cards (they expired in December) well i lie – they have sent them to an old address in sydney – even though he has changed his adddress like three times with the bank…anyway..they are having to re-order his cards for the third time and it has been almost two months of living on the edge – coz he doesn’t have a card we have to withdraw most ofhis money and then live off that – we are much better and not spending everything straight off the bat now – but fuck me it sucks that the bank can’t even get their shite together…i think he shoud just close the accounts and then we will open him an account with my bank (staff discounts for partners) so it would seem a silly thing to give up really – but he seems reticent to do this….oh well we shall see….he is a lot more patient than i am…lol

anyway – i am almost tempted to go back to bed – but can’t really be bothered since i will only have to get up again – i think the twosome are going to the scienceworks museum today – i think i will give it a pass as i am being far too sentimental about the things i want to do with my boi beside me..heheeh but we shall see what happens…it is only 6.00 to get in…lol….it depends on when and where they are meeting their friends today as well….



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