ok i went to the museum and have to say it would be wonderful for kids – but there is nothing at all exciting for adults unless you really love staring at sports memorabilia…but hey it was fun!!!

the boi and i are thinking of upgrading my pc due to the major hassles we have been having with it – as in a whole new that is already put together and we just walk in and get it – expect for the 120Gb harddrive and the CD ROM which is brand new – everything is going… i know it all still works and it we may keep it for a server or spare box…but i am sick of the fucking thing….it just doesn’t like me and never has since the first day lee (my ex) put it together….but we shall see…that is still a few weeks off and the boi is still hung up on these sony 17′ flat screen monitors that have images like glass..(refer toshiba laptop..mmmmm) anyway – he is drooling for them and we haven’t been able to find them anywhere online – we just saw them once in a store – so we will have to track them down so we can drool over them again…heheeh but that will be a while off i think as i would prefer we spent the money on other things….

we got our gas bill today – the first ones since we have been here – they had a problem with the gas accounts or something..anyway we have two seperate bills for the front and back of the house which is fucking confusing…lol…it is only about 200.00 for the whole lot for the back and front since septemebr – considering we used the heaters for almost 2 months straight coz of the cold – i don’t really think it is too bad…we also had our first house statement today – was very exciting….just which more had been paid off..i might call them tomorrow and see how we pay more money off – if we can just transfer it like normal bank transfers…

anyway – my post wasn’t meant to be as long as boring as it has been, but there you go….i think i will tootle off now..ihave to play my pc game to see if my video card needs to be replaced as well or if the extra memory i have in my machine fixed one of my game problems….then i can get a better video card if need be….what shites me is the speed at which tachnology gets out of date – i mean i dont’ really want a 3ghz cpu – but it is getting hard to find anything like what i have now a 1ghz coz it is just not useful anymore…

anyway i am going now…stop making me talk…

hugs and kisses


2 thoughts on “scienceworks

  1. mrapophis says:

    The monitors you’re referring to as “flat screen”, are they LCD’s, or flat-screen CRT’s?

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