wake up!!!

yeah that would be the fun thing to do wouldn’t it? I am exhausted and i have no idea why – we slept last night – i think the trains woke me up a few times though..i am still having trouble with them and they still wake me up at night….

i am doing an early start today so i can get home for minxee and her boy..hopefully 3.30 i will be home…i might clean the shower – i noticed it was looking a bit dirty….but we shall see….lol..you know me and housework…hahahah

watched most of the sta wars movies yesterday and the day before and i never realised how much i loved the moives!!! eheeh we haven’t finished the last one coz i went to bed so i will probably finishing watching it next week….makes me laugh so hard and the ewoks are so cute!!! I STILL want one…lol

the bois best mate might be coming down soon to visit!! that will be cool..what with them both working crap hours and weekends it makes it difficult to catch up – but we may have found a few weekends which is cool…

not much else to say – this will probbaly be the last post until saturday or so – depending on what happens this week…so will chat to you all later

hope you all have a great week and try to stay in one piece – don’t do anything silly and don’t have any mental breakdowns!!!

hugs and kisses


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