another boring day

i fnally got keys cut for my mate and found out thatin order to get a key for the back door we have to take the lock off and take it to the key cutter person and he will help us find the right one – then i will be buying two of the darn things let me tell you!!! it it wasn’t the back door it wouldn’t matter – but since it is the easiest way to get to the bbq i may have to take it down asap….

anyway…went and did a bit more of a shop got some gravy etc – hoping i am not housing any vegetarians – although i know minxee doesn’t eat a lot of meat anyway….but we shall see…

not much else to say really…i just bought battle for middle earth and the peice of shite game probably won’t even run on my pc coz i have a crap computer – but it will work on the boi’s – considering we bought it for him i suppose that is a good thing – would have been nice to play against each other though…..ah well..crappy 1 ghz processer…i mean really who has 120Gb hardrive with a 1ghz cpu these days? people like me!!! dammnit..i want a faster cpu and a better graphics card….gRRRRRRRRRR

i also finally bought star wars trilogy on dvd – ever since they came out i have been wanting them but other things seem to be more now i am going to make some lunch and sit down and watch one..and before you all say why didn’t i wait for the whole lot to come out – simply out i think all the new ones suck and there is no way i am ever going to own my own copies – i was so disappointed with them and can’t belive they made any money out of them – i think they guy who played Anikan (sp?) was crap and the movies just had nothing of interest…ja ja binkspissed me off and was totally out of place and if they wanted to contniue the story they should have kept the tecnologies the same as the first three movies..just seems pathetic they have beeter effects and graphics and cgi but they can’t keep things looking like they happened years is bullshite –

woiw what a rant…LOL…i am such a nerd sometimes…..

anyway see you all later

hugs and kisses


4 thoughts on “another boring day

  1. mrapophis says:

    Are you aware of the grey beyond the black?

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