ah well i am back at work…i seem to be living here at the moment…we bought our lawn mower last night from bunnings…we were given 130 bucks of vouchers there…so we went nuts…we had a bit of a jungle in the front and back yards that needed to be cleaned up asap, so we had to buy one…so while he did the mowing i did the shopping and got heaps of nibbly things for when my mate gets here next week…lol…the boi is grabbing the meat and vegies and bread on friday since the supermarket didn’t have anything…all shelves empty and i missed the buther and grocer…( i am very domestic now!! mother would be proud)

anyway the boi did a wonderful job mowing and lawn snipping..etc looks more like a yard – i am probably going to do some weeding etc and ripping up of plants on the weekend as he is working all weekend…YUCK!!!

not much else is happening…i didn’t have something i was going to say and it has gone clean out of my head coz someone was making noise just now and so i focused on that for a few seconds…anyway….i shall type later if i remember it…lol

YAYAAY i am so excited to have our first visitors from sydney come down and stay with us!!! AYAYAY i am so excited!!! like we have always said – it really shows who your true friends are when they make an effort that no one else has made – considering all circumstances to the story (which not everyone can – granted)….who cares!!! i am so excited!!!!

talk to you all later

hugs and kisses

ps we bought king arthur dvd the other night – directors cut or extended version – which ever the thing is and i forgot how much i enjoyed watching the movie except this version seems more bloody and the violence seemed to go for longer…but well when kiera looks so yummy – who cares right??? LOL


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