i just have to have one more rant today…coz i am very angry…..driving home this morning from dropping the boi off at work (we sleot in) i was very frustrated by the lack of brains used by some drivers on the road – now i dont’ speed very much – i dont’ see the point in recklessly endangering your life for kicks (seems kind pointless) but i admit i do tend to drive maybe 8 kms over the speed limit – whihc means i am moving faster than most on the road – but tell me why fucksticks choose to sit in the fast lane going 10kms below the speed limit?

GET OUT OF THEW FUCKING LANE!!! especially when i am siting on your arse…do you not get the fucking hint..i shouldn’t have to slow down to accomodate your slow granny style driving (no offence to grannies intended)….

grrr as you cansee it rather annoyed me this morning….

anyway i have to go to the bank now and then get some prawns so i will see you all later and i hope you all hava wonderful xmas and yules and get great pressies from the poeple that mean the most to you.

I am very grateful for the advice, kind/harsh words i have rceived from many people on LJand just knowing that friends no matter how many kilometres away they are, are actually only a few keystrokes away…

hugs and kisses



2 thoughts on “rant

  1. I hope I’m included in that. *blushes*
    If so, Thank you and you’re very welcome. If not, WHY NOT??? LOL
    I hope your Xmas was a good one doll. =D

    • dragonray says:

      of course you are included my sweet!!! my lj is my life at the moment..kind of a catch two situation really..coz youmake friends on here that you like reading about – but you shoudl really try to be out there in the world making friends….lol..i find it baffling…ROFL

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