fashion fuck ups

ok, although i am at work and flat out – i have the next few days off for xmas and i felt like updating befor ei went to lunch – i am such a rebel aren’t i!!! NBOT…

anyway sitting out the front of a store last night while waiting for my boiu to buy something inside i was disgusted with what people seem to think will pass as fashion these days…

1 – I am sorry unless you are a size 12 and have a body like angelina jolie…DO NOT WEAR tight clothes which moldto your fat ugly rolls…(PS anyone who knows me knows i am a PHAT chick myself but i do not want to disgust the rest of mankind by having clothes sticking to every fold and roll!!)

2 – if you do havea body like angelina jolie and want to flanut it – go for it – BUT BUY CLOTHES THAT FIT!!!! if you have to keep pulling your pants up or your tops down – then obviously you need to get bigger or smaller clothes – iam not in anyway saying don’t wear them – but don’t tug at thema nd expect them to cover your belly button when the hem is up around your tiny little tits….

3 – children under the age of 14 (even older if you ask my prudish side) shoudl be fully clothed…not wearing hipsters with g strings popping out the arse crack and tiny little boob tube things with an 18 years intentions in mind. it is disgusting…..

anyway now that i have offended half the population i am going back to my nice sweet post about how much i love life – i just had to let it out coz it was so pissing me off last night…..

ah well hope you all have a laugh…

hugs and kisses



3 thoughts on “fashion fuck ups

  1. smurfy_mish says:

    I totally agree with all of the above. These kind of things piss me off when I go out…some people just don’t know how to dress at all! *Especially* little kids dressing up like 18 year old sluts.. ewwww!

  2. LMAO! On every account, it’s all true!
    I’m a big lass, and I just will not inflect that on people! It makes me wonder if the people who insist on tight, unflattering clothes, even have mirrors at home!
    Maybe I’m getting old, but what the hell is with baggy pants? If you’ve got a good butt, show it off, PLEASE! (Just like Jon, Mmmmmm)
    I am 100% in agreement with you about kids dressing like they’re on the prowl, it’s awful! Kids should be kids, and be enjoying they’re youth, not pushing the boundary’s on adulthood! If only they knew! I’d give anything to have it to do over again!

  3. dragonray says:

    getting old
    maybe i tjust means we are getting old or soemthing? i mean it scares me that i am so critical of people…but really…i mean do they have no self worth or do they have too much for the person theya re? it amazes me that some people can have so much onfidence to wear their rolls out in public and feel no shame or that parents can let their children dress like that – no fucking way here – i can tell you – when i have kids they will fully covered from head to toe until they are at least 18…lol

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