may as well be winter

i am snugglerd in front of my pc rugged up in a blanket keeping warm and cosy…lol..
we went to another melb witches meetup and i was so disappointed it was not funny….not much to say really except they did ritual(which aside from not being advised about this beforehand – they did not want to give the option to not be in it – after many flat out RUDE refusals they finally got the point)most know my view on circle with people i don’t know – it doesn’t happen often!!!!and then it was a very poor attempt ata spiral dance – maybe seven hills ruined my spiral dance life for me co it only worksd when it is done FAST!! lol..not slow and in trance mode..sorry not the point of it!!! oh well..some people were ok, but there was no mingling…we were obviosuly new as everyone hugged each other and no one came up and introduced themselves or anything…so we still have no idea who anyone is…oh well..i could whinge for hours but i won’t….

we have the pagans in the pub left as our last avenue for meeting people and from what we have heard we are more liekly to find people we understand amongst them…so fingers crossed we will be going when the next one is on….

anyway i have today off work as an ADO and tomorrow is a union training day for the EDA and then back to work on wednesday – then i will get to find out what changes have occurred in our department – apparently they are being announced today some time….

hugs and kisses all



2 thoughts on “may as well be winter

  1. mrapophis says:

    Talking about this, What is Robyns birthdate, including year? Thanks. 🙂

    • dragonray says:

      fuck me dead
      well aren’t i slack for not getting back to you…her birthdate it 22/06 but i am unsure of the year….i would say 1953 coz she just turned 51 last year….i will check for you…sorry for delaying the repsonse…how have you been anyway kn..i haven’t spoken to you for ages….scary – i think i miss you…*argh*…rofl

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