early bird does not catch the worm

well i haven’t posted for ages – and nothing exciting has been happening….we bought a few pc games and so we have been playing them like mad….

work sucks as usual…we are having major changes announced today – apparently – and we will be moving desks and teams etc..pretty crappy….but oh well that is life – i am sure i am going to get stuck next to poeple i can’t stand – which is most of the poeple here aor i will get the worst team leader here who won’t let people leavge five minutes early – and if you are short 20 minutes won’t let you have your ADO…oh well that is life…..

nothing much else to say – we went and saw oceans twelve last night – it is so funny and if you liked the first one you will love the second one….heheeh was soooo funny….we pissed ourselves laughing the whole movie….
anyway beter get some work done as i am swamped as usual….seeya all later….

hugs and kisses

ps – we are going to try to go to the witches meetup picnic on sunday – at the gardens somewhere might be fitzroy gardens i think…..


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