the boi and i just got home from dinner and the movies..was very nice – we haven’t been to dinner since last xmas it was nice to go out and celebrate the house and his new job etc…..we saw bridget jones’ diary….was very funny – i thought maybe funnier than the first – but since i can’t really remember the first all that well i coudl be very wrong…so dont’ take my opinion on that one…lol

i ate too much at dinner and now i have cramps…ooowww!!! that’s teach me to have something yummy for dinner…since my IBS i am not used to food at restaurants etc the size alone is too much for me now….oh well….

anyway – going to conquer the world like pinky and the brain so i will talk to you all later…

hugs and kisses


ps – there was only one thing in bridget jones i thought was in bad taste and that was the jail thing – watch it and you will see…especially in oz at the moment it is a touchy subject for some..but then the movie was made before it became a touchy subject….


4 thoughts on “movies

  1. Oz? Is that Australia?
    I realize I dont know where you’re from, want to enlighten?=)

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