one of those long boring weekedns ahead..the boi is at work this weekend and we found out his name got pulled out of a hat for xmas day – so he is working for that as well now…and crappy hours mind you- 3.00 until 11.30 pm….talk about fiucked up…oh well that is life – the boi’s mum and i will be at home eating and doing nothing without him…maybe i will take her to another chick movie to take our minds off him being at work…..

we did ritual again last night – first time or a while – and we will be doing it every night while he is not working late shift…we are getting better at it and have had more visualisations added to it – so we have to start practising that now….

the temple is beginning to get a nice feel about it now – as it is only used for the one purpose – so it is a nice room to go into – even so much that it stays cooler in the hot days so nice to go in three and do ritual..warms up real fast on cold nights i cna tell you!!! heheheh

not much else to say – back to work next week…

hugs and kisses



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