xmas party

very short uick post – i can’t be fucked typing much more….

*taking a apage of Jessa’s LJ here *


xmas party – very, very drunk – you cannot imagine how drunk – heat niteclub – sober

hotel 4 am
sleep 5 am
awake 8.00am

home 9.30am
shower 10.00am

vegged out coz i am too tired to do anything else

shagged again

the boi went to work and i am still not able to sleep…

i ahve to pick him up at 1.45 – so another late night for me…..

i have all week off next week so i dont;’ really mind….i just want my pillow to envelope my head and cradle my sore brain for a while so i can dream of pussywillow and apple strudels….



2 thoughts on “xmas party

  1. minxee says:

    Sounds like fun!! heheh

  2. jessarion_88 says:

    its the best word.. its good for when its regular.. lmao 😛
    sounds good sweetie.. i think ya catching up wih me tho.. i been takin it easy recently 😉

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