union training

I had two days of union training this week (today and yesterday – duh?) and it was quite informative and enjoyable!! I learnt heaps about out industry and the amount of shite people have to go through in their everyday lives – makes me wonder why they are even still there??? but it also made me extremely grateful for the conditions we have at our work compared to other companies….

Anyhoo…just a quick post to say that – nothing much else is happening – back to work tomorrow (yuck) and the grind of it all..but then a whole week off to veg and relax before everyone starts taking leave like it is free…..i am pretty much the only one in my team not having time off over xmas and the new year – have i said that already? oh well if i did too bad you getting it again….xmas is various people have ing differing amounts as is normal, jan has one person gone for the whole month, same with feb (different person) and then march (different person)…so until april i will bea mentl headcase…lol

hugs and kisses



One thought on “union training

  1. minxee says:

    so you’ve got anext week off? that’s a good idea – I wanted to do that before xmas but there’s too much work on at the moment for me to even consider taking leave before xmas.
    At least I have the three days off between xmas & NYE – yay!

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