I think I am going to run screaming now!!! ROFLMAO

How much do your LJ friends love you? by ladybugadria
choose one voodoopoopoolustloveblahjesusokbangsexwhyouch
loves you lots wilbla
thinks of you as their best friend librarystampsau
pretends to like you nwjones
wants to move your relationship to the next level frankiethepixie
wants you in bed nz_bonjovi_gal
Loves your quirkiness valandiel_a
desperately loves to read your journal dev_override
Loves you more than you know jessarion_88
thinks you are stange niroth
Quiz created with MemeGen!

2 thoughts on “ahhhhh

  1. I only want you in bed if you’re really Anthony Keidis!lol.=D

  2. wilbla says:

    Of course, I only love you in a manly kind of way 😉

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