i have never been so bored in my entire life….i hour into the shithouse movie and i could barely keep my eyes open or interested…so i am going toi go to bed now – it made me so bored i am tired…i was hoping to stay up a while longer but i think i will go to bed since i have had so little of it the last few nights…

anyone else have any thoughts on the crappy movie that is troy?? what a waste of life…i almost wasted three hours – i am glad i only wasted one hour – which i will never get back now….someone could have warned me it was going to be so crappy…everyone hs said how great it was…also glad i only spent $6 on the dvd rathan that $13 on a ticket…

oh well g’nigt all

hugs and kisses


3 thoughts on “troy

  1. Yeah, I’ve heard it’s crap! And apparently it factually incorrect too.
    Hi’ya, I found you through addme_adult, and had a look at you journal so I’ve added you. Feel free to add me back.=)

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