back to work

well back at work already- had a great weekend of cleaning the house and fixing things up….didn’t do much of anything really…was supposed to have guests around on tuesday – but they couldn’t make it due ot them double booking themselves…so i made heaps of food that is now frozen and being consumed by the boi and i….

he still hasn’t had a chance to fix hi pc yet- busy bees that we are, so on sunday we are going to the pc swapmeet at the showgrounds…should be able to pick him up a power supply failry cheaply…all i want is a clear case so i can overload it with LED’s and strobe lights…HAHAHAHAH

work is busy – for the two days i wasn’t here…not one of my files was looked at….not one…so i come back today and have to try to catch up on all my work plus the other person who has left as well…..i think i want to get out fo this industry….

the boi starts aikido next week and i start it next fortnight. am very excited…i will be going mostly every night (monday – saturday) and the boi is going to go whenever he can…mornings etc (they are the only place we have found that does morning classes…) gimme a few months and i might be looking slightly less fat and pretty much more PHAT!!!


anyway, back to the salt mines and the missing applications…

hugs and kisses


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