random house

random thoughts…random house is a crappy publisher..wish i could publish my thoughts all day…thoughts are annoying when you have too much work to do…internet is annoying to coz i want to chat to people and read lj…my hot chocolate is too hot and taste less like chocolate than water….mmm the rain..lovely water – makes my hair curly….maybe i shoudl collect rain water so i can have really curly hair all the time..need a haircut for that though too many split ends right now to have ultra curly hair…maybe i shoudl chop it all off ahain and have a really short curly hairstyle…wich i had a great hairdresser…they all gay but…miss my friends in sydney..miss sydney…hate cockroaches…don’t miss sydney…mis clubbing and drinking…mmmm phat beats..phat rain…i miss clubbing..want to dance and fee the beat of the earth…need to practice circle casting again…have slacked off last week..painted the temple..nice dark red/purple..called something berry..mmm rasberries..i wonder where i can get some…very expensive…xmas presents..need to start buying some..i wonder what every needs..will also need to get addess for everyone so i can send xmas presents…nothing breakable for sure..although some very nive stuff is breakable…like minds..they are breakable…lol..if you are a g’ould…HAHAHA…i wonder if stargate is actually real? i mean roswell etc…anything is possible..so is independence day then..yuck..aliens with tentacles…yuck…bbq octapus…now that is yummy…ohhh i wonder if we can do dinner enxt week and get some bbq octy…mmm prawns…mmmm seafood!!

ok time to go now!!!!!

that was pretty much a continual typing…hehe i have wasted my lunch break now so back to work….


ps – that is prettyu much how my mind works all the time…pretty scary if you ask me….


One thought on “random house

  1. mrapophis says:

    ok time to go now!!!!!
    I think you were long gone already! 😛

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