after being a rep for the fsu since i started in 2000 i never realised the difference between sydney and melb as much as just now. i just got out of my first rep meeting here and i have to tell you – no wonder why people weren;t union members in sydney!! the fsu up there is ridiculous compared to here…they are very negative and basically can’t be bothered fighting for the workers…

here…they are very positive and encouraging the kind of behaviours i was looking for in a union – am much happier!!!!


3 thoughts on “union

  1. minxee says:

    I had no idea you were a union rep until now…

    • dragonray says:

      i kind of kept quiet about it in sydney because it was looked upon so badly..i learnt that in my first few weeks as a rep…i was supposed to have training and on the three occassions i was booked in for it my team leader wouldn’t let me go to training – they never responded to my emails requetsing the two days off, yet they would respond to every other email i sent them…sad but true…heheheeh

      • minxee says:

        Re: heheh
        they can get into serious trouble over not approving union related leave for training and such…we have one union rep on our floor and management are scared of her. They don’t need to be scared if there’s nothing dodgy going on.

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