had my interview – i think it went not sure…i hav to wait four weeks befor ei find out as the other boss is away for 3 weeks…which is ok – it gives me time to buy some shirts and pants as the environment is i need to spruse up my wardrobe….target here i come… i will buy a few shirts first as my pants aren’t too bad…then i will buy some pants…and maybe a suit….

i hope i get it as it sounds like the kind of thing i am looking for….busy and challenging and a constant learning environment…i think the only thing i stuffed up was i mentione di was saving up to my DFP after they asked me why i wanted the poition – instead of telling them that when i was asked the question…..i know it didn’t make much sense but it makes sense in my head….

oh well..fingers crossed i will keep trying…time for some spell work so they pick me over anyone else they interview….i really want this job and it is not because of the money eitehr (however nice) it is because it will get me out of timesheets, unorganised idiots, dumbarses, stupidity, swearing,big brother watching me and the million other things that make it feel like it is kindergarden around here….

ah the joy….



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