pretty much a stretch

well we are going to wodonga tonight – a bi tlate than i had hoped as the boi has to go to some work function to celebrate them finishing their training, so we will be leaving about an hour later than i had hoped….but that is ok we will get to wodonga by about 10.00 now…

our main issue is that i think we may have over estimated our money situation this week and i am not entirely sure we can afford it…..but we should be ok as long as we dont spend too much…petrol will be the main killer but we don’t usually use a lot of petrol getting to and from wodonga, so even that is ok i suppose – i am just a worry wart i suppose….i always have been – only because i know how much we like spending our money!!! ehheheeh

ah well i suppose i should get to work considering i have to get home and then pack the car up….we need to do all our washing at we have to take all our smelly clothes and wash them tonight!!! heehehhe

talk to you all soon
hugs and kisses



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