another day another piece of shite…

the last few days i have been having terribly frightening and vivid nightmares…there is always so much blood and when i think about them again i have the same sensations as if it is actually happening to me…there is one part where my neck is sliced open by something like a laser and i feel the warmth of the blood as is runs down my neck before i die – there is also antoher feeling when i am trying to save someone- they explode – i have no idea why maybe a bomb or something – and i feel their body parts hit me and their blood all over my face and arms – it may be funny in themovies but IRL it is terrifying….I keep feeling things hit me today (arms legs etc) and it is freaking me out. there is also another scene where it is like “little shop pf horros” with those palnts that eat people – i feel one bite into my lega nd its teeth rake down my calf and when i think about it i limp abit because it actually feels like my muscle is tearing…ewww sorry gonna stop now – besides you get the idea

i keep bursting into tears because i feel it all over again the fear and terror – so much blood….i have no idea what woudl be setting off nightmares like this – i know i am upset with work, but normally my dreams refelct that anger in a non violent manner..

this is just grossing me out an dmaking want to throw up when i think of it…..this is too violent for the likes of me and i refuse to belive there is “lesson” in it for me to think about……

just thought i would share that with you all



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